A woman whose granddaughter was struck by a pickup in a Clinton school cross walk has drawn the attention of the state media.

KARK-TV, Channel 4, came to town last week to interview grandmother Jackie Sikes and Clinton Mayor Roger Rorie.

Sikes granddaughter was hit by a pickup in December. The seventh-grader has recovered from her injuries, which included cuts and scrapes and a concussion.

Since then, Sikes has addressed the Clinton City Council, asking for speed bumps to be installed on Yellowjacket Lane to slow traffic. Rorie and a councilman said the residents in the area do not want speed bumps installed.

Rorie said speed bumps were installed before on the road but lasted only one day before they were removed because of the complaints.

Sikes says complaints should not stand in the way of slowing the traffic to keep the children safe.

At its last meeting, the City Council directed police officers to patrol the streets around the schools more often and write more tickets.

The mayor also told the television station that senior citizens plan to volunteer as crossing guards when the weather is warm. Sikes answer to that was, I guess our kids will be safe on warm days, but on cold days, beware.

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