Clarke Tucker, a state representative who serves Little Rock, made his long-rumored Congressional bid official on Monday as he declared a run against sitting Congressman French Hill.

Tucker, a Democrat, joins a crowded field with Gwendolyn Combs and Paul Spencer of Scott having already declared in the Democratic Primary. Combs and Spencer are both school teachers in Little Rock.

An attorney, Tucker is, in a sense, already at the United States Capitol.

James Paul Clarke, a former U.S. Senator and Arkansas governor, is one of two Arkansans with a marble statue at the U.S. Capitol. He is Tucker’s grandfather seven times over and the younger version is named in his honor.

Tucker’s father is Rett Tucker with the real estate firm Moses Tucker.

Tucker, in a release, said a health scare inspired him to run for Congress.

“As I lived through and beat cancer, I watched as Congress voted to make our healthcare more expensive, undo good programs like Arkansas Works, and strip away healthcare for Arkansans with pre-existing conditions,” he said. “I have watched as politicians used children’s health insurance as a bargaining chip, placing greater loyalty to their political party than to our state and country, and I decided I could no longer stand by and watch.”

The Democratic National Committee has already announced plans to support its party nominee with large advertising buys and Hill announced in January his re-election campaign.

Little Rock’s Judith Goodson will serve as campaign chair and Warren Stephens will serve as finance chair.

Hill’s campaign office is at 3600 Cantrell Road in Little Rock, while Tucker’s office will also be in Little Rock.