Their friendship began when they were in school.

It grew closer in 1944 following World War II when Joe Frazer and his friend, Roy Dale Thompson, returned home to Clinton from serving in the war. Joe served as a gilder mechanic in the South Pacific and Roy Dale was a navigator on a B24. Roy Dale’s plane had been shot down and he had been held captive for 11 months in the German Prison Camp Stalag III. Mildred and Sue had been working at the Jacksonville Ordinance Plant where Sue worked on the bomb shift and Mildred in administration.

After the men returned, the two couples married and made their homes in Clinton. Roy Dale ran Clinton Motors for 35 years. Both he and Joe were longtime members of the Clinton School Board.

Mildred and Sue were new brides and enjoyed doing everything together. They taught each other to cook and even made their first cake together since Sue had the only mixer.

They took part in all the things the small town of Clinton had to offer like going to the movies, playing bridge and other card games, and ballgames. Eventually, the couples started families. Joe and Sue have two children, Susan Jo Baker and Lisa Lamb, and Mildred and Roy Dale had one son, Tommy Dale, who died in 2010.

They enjoyed taking the kids, swimming, camping, and never missed ballgames. On Sunday the couples were always in church, dressed in their best suits, and then would meet for lunch at either June’s Café or the Bus Station. One of their favorite activities was to go out to eat in Little Rock and watch the Razorback football games.

Since their birthdays are within a few months of each other, Joe on Sept. 2, Sue on Oct. 5, and Mildred on Jan. 4, they always celebrated together. Roy Dale died in 1982, but the three friends have stuck together through the good times and the bad.