The month of September in Van Buren County always brings one of the most anticipated events of the year especially for the county’s 4-H youth. The Van Buren County Fair and Livestock Show starts, and for the 4-H youth this is the beginning of the final leg of the year long journey where they can exhibit all their hard work and effort they have put into their projects.

One such project that will be on display is the "Poultry Chain Project," designed to expose youth to the adventure of rearing 1-day-old egg-laying type chicks (commercial layer type) from commercial clean stock. This year the 4-Her’s are raising "Bovan Brown" birds, sometimes called "Golden Sex Links," "Golden Comet" and "Cinnamon Queens."

These are brown egg layers. The chicks are now 20-22 weeks old and starting to come into production. Each of the 4-Hers enrolled in this project will pick their three best birds as their pen to enter into the fair. These pens will be judged Friday, Sept. 13, around 4 p.m. The pens of three pullets will be offered for auction the net day at the Poultry and Rabbits barn on the Van Buren County Fairgrounds following the Junior Livestock Premium Auction on Saturday, Sept. 14. The Premium Auction starts at 10 a.m.