By Jackie Sikes

Local resident Hallie Baker may be only 8-years-old but what she lacks in age and life experience she makes up in heart and caring for others.

A year ago her grandmother was fighting leukemia. When her grandmother lost her hair from chemotherapy treatments, Hallie’s mother told her about the Locks of Love program. Hallie decided to start growing out her hair to donate to the program.

A year later, Hallie has donated her lovely red hair to the program.

Hallie wanted not only to make her grandma feel better, but hopes that what she has done will make someone else feel better.

Her letter to the Locks of Love says it best:

Dear Locks of Love,

My name is Hallie, I am 8 years old. I have been growing my hair for a year to give for a wig. The reason I did this is my Grandma, she had leukemia a year ago and is now in remission. But I remember how she felt when she lost her hair from the chemo and I wanted to help others not to have to worry or feel bad. Thank you for helping people like my Grandma to feel better about themselves when they are sick.

God bless, Hallie.

This precious little girl’s unselfish love and her beautiful red hair is going to make someone very happy. And Hallie’s wish that they not worry or feel bad will come true.