The following individuals have donated to the Dennard Cemetery: Jeff and Adrianne Fry, Mary Andes, Gereta Daniels, Rudolph Rains, Roy Jennings, Eileen Smiley, Carol Shellnut, Thomas McKnight, Jerry Corder, Mike Ward, Sarah Crow, Connie Smith, Billy Don Crow, Dennis Pelzer, Trillus Boyd, Don Nunley, Donald and Lavonne Stapleton, Dee Tapp, George Parks, James Beavers, Sam Lewis, Jo Trawick, Carolyn Mathis, Donnie Archer, Wesley Huie, D.H. "Red" Taylor, James Penrod, Janet Larson, Ebb Watts, Kermit Henry, Jackie Rattan, Gail Brown, Cody Hammons, Jessie Foshee, and Bessie Dawson.