The following have made donations to the Archey Valley Cemetery: Wendell and Mae Myrick, Gene Mathis, Jason and Nora Jean Housley, Darlene Graham, Joe and Andrea McDaniel, Nettie Smith, Carlene, Hodge, James Gillam, Grace Cleveland, Carolyn Godfrey, Norman and Mary Judd, Sandra Maulden, Helen Myrick, Alma Myrick, Opal Aday, Guinn and Peggy Aday, Brent and Kristina Aday, Tyler Aday, Lyndsey Aday, Zack Aday, Danny Bull, Doug and Krisy Eastridge, Vera Patterson, Eddie Housley, Jimmy Housley, Karen DuVall, Deanna Hickey, Jeanette Small, Kathleen Housley. If you have any information about the unmarked graves, call Peggy Aday at 745-2971 or Wendell Myrick at 745-2781.