The annual meeting of the Pleasant Grove Cemetery Association (near Rupert) will be held at 7 p.m. Monday, June 24. All members are urged to attend. Members consist of all persons residing within the boundaries of the former Alread School District of Van Buren County, and anyone who has relatives interred in the cemetery. One board member is elected at the annual meeting. Those donating to the Pleasant Grove Cemetery Association recently are: Jonnie Lane, Mike Walden, Linda Jones, Clint Watson, Mary Lott, Ruby Steers, Richard Hoffman, Cleadus Price, Sue Hoyle, Glendale Rogers, Mary Watts, Macie Watson, Odell Hefner, Genell Brown, Jane Witt, Lillian Watson, Billy Watson, Geraldine Jones, Roy Wilson, Scarberrys and Packs, Gilbert Ott, Eddie Scarberry, Christine Autry, Marge Koone, Evelyn Eades, Grady Emerson, Don Israel, Thomas Tester, Cathy Burks, Jim Waddle, Gailand Hopkins, Opie Hefner, Myrna Pray, William Tyson, Ann Emerson, Trena Quinn, Donald Standridge, Robert Gaut, Tony Emerson, Marjorie Carr, Kenny Watson, Ron McEntire, Lynn Ghichote, Dean Emerson, Mike Emerson, Mary Ann Bixler, Grace Gilson, Els Watson, Bob Watson, William Arnhart, Melvin Emerson, Victor Moody, Jane Brock, Sammie Armstrong, Wanda Emerson, Tommy Forrester, Loyd Bixler, Walden family, Ruth Watson, Margaret Elliot, Anderson, Quincy Jones, Billy Ross and Treva Quinn. Donations for the upkeep of the building and cemetery may be sent to: Barnett Bruce, Secretary/Treasurer, 1502 Lo Gap Road, Clinton, AR 72031.

Weaver Cemetery will hold its Decoration/Memorial services at 10 a.m. Sunday, June 23, at Pine Grove Church on Banner Mountain, Shirley. Potluck will follow at noon. Donations may be mailed to Jim Kirk, 312 Peel Road, Clinton AR 72031.

Those donating to the Eglantine Cemetery Maintenance Fund since the last report are: Willodean Bradford, Karen Bates, Melba Tipton and Tony George for a memorial for Celeste Smith; Leon and Shelby Huges, Ernest and Joy Gardener for a memorial for Acey Jones; Michael Bradford for a memorial for Joyce Bradford and Celeste Smith. Others donating were: Alvin and Freda Bradford, Darthy Vivian Cates, Charlie and Janet Moore, Watson Smith, Ray and Margaret Earnhart, Shirley Johnson, Scott Bradley and family, Willodean Bradford, Karen Bates, Joyce Bradford, Towery family reunion, Emmett and Carol Bradford, Darrell Bradford, Catherine Acres, Tracy Ward, Virgie Bradford. Donations may be sent to: Evelene Clutts, Treasurer, 3586 Highway 330 South, Shirley, AR 72153.