A Clinton teacher has just self-published her second book.

Kim Trujillo, author of A Closer Talk with God: Spiritual Prayers for Women, has now written What Should I Read Next? 50 Dystopian Books for Teens.

"I can’t remember a time when I didn’t read," said Trujillo, a Missouri native.

When she left for college, her mother Priscilla Phelps told her that was her chance to leave "shy Kim" behind, make new friends and be whoever she wanted to be.

"You should write a book sometime. You love to read so much, you probably could write a book as good as those you’re always reading," her mom told Trujillo.

Her mother died from lung cancer in April 2012, just months before Trujillo published her book on Amazon. Trujillo said she regrets that she didn’t finish the book sooner so that her mother could have seen the final version.

"But in a way, I feel that she was with me all along the way encouraging me to become a writer," Trujillo said.

Writing books is "very humbling and a little scary to think that in a sense I’ve bared my soul to so many people. So far, I’ve received lots of praise for my work, and several people have mentioned that they’ve prayed the prayers, which is the highest compliment I can receive."

She said she has many more books planned, including scriptural books for men, teachers, church and praying for others.

"I’m still relatively shy at heart, and I feel that this has been a good medium through which I can spread God’s word," she said. She said her dad, Larry Phelps, is her biggest fan and sells her books faster than she can send them to him.

Trujillo has been an English teacher at Clinton Junior High since August 1995. She is married to Johnny Trujillo and they have two children, Brandon, 16, and Savanah, 14.

Trujillo’s books are available at Amazon.com, e-books or in print, and at several local outlets including the Dirty Farmers Community Market and the Downtown Boutique.