A 36-member team of medical, dental professionals and non-medical professionals recently made their annual trip to Honduras.

They left on Jan. 11 and returned Jan. 18. They visited the Copan, Honduras, community of Veracruz. It is a small community of about 3,000. However, several small communities surrounding Veracruz were served as well.

The team is an evangelical group comprised of several different denominations that range from Baptist to Nazarene to Church of Christ. Almost all of the medical or dental group were from the Van Buren County area: Dr. Keith Coward and some of his staff, Dr Jamie Beavers and his wife, Carol, Pam Leal, Jill Ward and Carolyn Pelzer from Ozark Health Home Care, Helen Dobbins from the Ozark Health Center, Kathy Waycaster and Nancy Green from the Van Buren County Home Health Department.

During a three and a half day clinic these individuals saw about 1,470 men, women and children. Several thousand prescriptions were filled with meds donated by Fairfield Bay pharmacist Jenny Treece. She has donated all the needed pharmaceuticals for the past five years.

Shawn Walsh and Taylor Love provided reading glasses for those who were in need of a little help with their vision.

Many other non-medical professionals were part of the team. They assisted with crowd control, and children’s church services, many of them held by Pastor Billy Reece from Formosa Baptist Church and Pastor Steve Stephens from South Side Baptist Church. These two men shared the gospel messag4e where 75 came to a trusting relationship with Christ and 20 more re-dedicated their lives to Christ.

Team captain Bob Leal stated that while this team went to serve and bless other the team was blessed by the kind, loving and caring reception they received from the residents upon the team’s arrival and a during their stay in Veracruz.

This team is one of 18 associated with the Honduras Baptist Dental/Medical Mission headquartered in Laurel, Miss. The Clinton team goes every year on the second Saturday of January. They are scheduled to return on Jan. 10, 2015, and return Jan. 17.