The Highway 110 Extension Homemakers Club met on Tuesday, June 26, at Shady Grove Church.

Ten club members were present and June and July birthdays were celebrated. Committee reports included a report on the 100-Year Celebration "From Washboards to Keyboards" in Hot Springs earlier this month, which five club members attended. Project Monday and Quilting Sessions were discussed and Kay Bensuk made a report on the upcoming Quilt and Craft Show at the Fairgrounds in early November.

In our monthly Share and Learn session, Thelma Murray reported on Copperheads and shared information from a recent session on brown recluse spiders that she attended.

Margie Beckham completed the binding on the new quilt that we now have ready to give to a family who lost their home to fire.

Members were reminded that July 16 is the next 3rd Monday of the month and we’ll be working our Project Day at the Clubhouse on Plant Church Road at 9 a.m. July 24 is the fourth Tuesday of the month and our next EHC meeting at Shady Grove at 10 a.m.

After submitting volunteer hours, the club read the EHC Collect: "Keep us, Oh God, from pettiness. Let us be large in thought, in word, in deed. Let us be done with faultfinding and leave off self-seeking. May we put away all pretenses and meet each other face to face without self-pity and without prejudice. May we never be hasty in judgment and always be generous. Let us take time for all things and make us grow calm, serene and gentle. Teach us to put into action our better impulses straightforward and unafraid. Grant that we may realize it is the little things that create differences: that in the big things in life, we are as one. And may we strive to touch and to know the Great common heart of us all. And, Oh Lord God, let us not forget to be kind!"