During the Formosa EHC’s April meeting members learned that a clean home is one that is cleaned with cleaning agents that are free of chemicals. Those cleaning agent chemicals may affect the health of family members by causing respiratory problems and/or skin rashes. For the May monthly meeting Regina Chaney, Van Buren County Family & Consumer Sciences Agent, was invited to demonstrate homemade laundry detergent - chemical free. After the demonstration of liquid and powder laundry detergents, each club member was able to take a sample home for personal use.

Formosa EH Club meets the second Tuesday each month at 1 p.m. in the Formosa Community Center for the regular meeting, but there is project work time beginning at 9 a.m. Club members hope to participate in the Annual EHC Quilt Show to be held in November with handmade crafts for sale.

Everyone interested in participating in craft projects, gain new knowledge about various topics and enjoy light refreshment are welcome to come and meet with Formosa Extension Homemakers Club.