The stories in honor of Valentine’s Day told of young love, second-chance love and love found later in life. The winning story tells of enduring love for better or for worse. The Democrat thanks Best Western-Hillside Inn for helping sponsor the contest. We also thank our participants for their touching, funny and romantic tales. Here are their stories.

The moment I saw Eddie walk up to the door and smile at me, I knew we would have a life together. I just didn’t realize what the days would be like. We have prayed many prayers together to help each other and I believe that’s what has been our glue.

We had a challenge in 1997 when my husband was laid off from his third job in Utah and I decided to talk him into moving our family down here to be closer to my family.

About two years after we moved here, we had a head-on collision with a sleepy driver and it disabled me. I can still hear the words from my husband that day. He said that he could not go on living a day if I am not in it. I feel the same way about Eddie. He is my everything and he helps me with my daily life now because I’m not able to cope.

My heart was broken when we went to the doctor’s office in August and found out Eddie has Parkinson’s Disease. After the neurologist finished her tests and gave us the results, we looked at each other with tears in our eyes, and as I held Eddie’s hand, I told him, "You’ve been taking care of me all these years, now I’ll be taking care of you."

That moment, we both realized that we were truly made for each other. There is still love after 30 years!

Eddie and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary on June 25. — Millie Gilmer