The expansion work being done at Ozark Health is beginning to wrap up. Many services are preparing to move into new spaces and some are already in the process of moving equipment. The first patient to utilize the new MRI in the expanded portion of radiology at Ozark Health was seen in late January and several other services are making preparations to open their new areas to patients.

Rehabilitation services and the first chemotherapy clinic are scheduled to begin this week, and emergency services are set to begin occupying their new space by Feb. 20 with the remaining services set to move in either during that time or shortly thereafter.

The completion date for construction is May 20 or 21, and the official grand opening for the expansion is set for June 2, 2013. These dates are tentative and subject to change due to any unforeseen circumstances. There are several things yet left to do before the expansion can officially be called complete and there are sure to be some growing pains but Ozark Health fully expects these services to grow once all services are comfortably settled into their new spaces.