Oh no! Santa is stuck in the chimney! How do you get him out? This is what Rita Hall’s second-grade class at Cowsert Elementary says to do:

My idea is somebody to climb up the house and get him out the chimney.


Get conrushen workes to break the chimmny and with out hurting him!


All the elfs sneak into the house, climb up the chimney and push Santa out, Sant’s free!


This is my idea. First, you find the house he’s at. Then, you get a latter and rope. Next, you tie it on him. Finally, you pull him out. Now he’s out.


Go inside the chimney and pop him out.


Go buy rope. Have Denny the Elf tie the rope to Santa. Tie rope to Rudolf. Tell Rudolf to fly, and pull Santa out.


Dear elfs here is some plans. You can call the u.s.a. army and a helacopter. To blow it up and I mean blow! That is a plan.


Go to the fire plase and push and push and he’ll come out!


OK well stick a board in the chimnie. Then poot a tun on the other side of the door. Then he will fly to the slay.


Put a lot of butter then put some sope then get all the elvs and push really hard and maby he will come out but it mite be really really hard.


Elfs go bay a rope and tey it to him and tey it to the slay and make the rainbeer fly then he is out of the chimey now.


I think the elvs shoud get at the bottom and push him out and he will be fliing out of the chimney with care.


Santa you need to wiggle and if that does not work then you got to try hard.


Tiy a rop to his legs and I now what hapend he got to fat.


Here a way to get Santa out of the chimney. First bild a crowbar. Next, take the crowbar chimney that Santa is stuck in. Third, knok the house down.


To get Santa out is, get cooster workers. Brak the chimmey. with out hut him.


Elf please push his feet and a nother elf to pull his hands up as hard as you can then you can push his belley.


I think the elves should push and pull him out.