Meet the president/director of the North Central Arkansas Foundation for the Arts and Education, Fairfield Bay resident Leila Berry.

She has served in this capacity for many years and worked tirelessly for the Artists League. Better known to everyone as Lea, this woman has devoted her life to the betterment of the quality of life for all, in the heart of her family as faithful wife and mother, professionally as a registered nurse and, since moving to Fairfield Bay in the early 90s, as the dynamic leader of the highly respected and prolific North Central Arkansas Foundation for the Arts and Education, referred to most commonly as NCAFA&E.

Lea’s passion for the arts and for helping others coalesce perfectly in this unassuming and very determined woman whose leadership style has endeared her to everyone who’s ever worked with her and for her in her positions of authority.

The long list of her well-deserved accomplishments include: 1992 Community Service Award winner, Unsung Heroes award winner, the JC Penney Golden Rule award, and more. Lea has served on boards and conducted fundraising efforts for myriad organizations, such as the Shepherd’s Center, the St. Luke’s Respite Care Program and the North Little Rock Womens Club, all while working as a dedicated nurse.

Many programs received funding through her tireless efforts and winning good nature that attracts people who want to help. She’s a true role model for all women, showing her strength in her kindness and compassion, sharing her artistic talents as she goes. She has created a great body of work in various media, sharing her talent, donating her artwork to various organizations for their own fundraising. She has brought numerous artists and entertainers to our area and worked to do the fundraising to make these events possible.

Lea is still working hard for others in her capacity as president of NCAFA&E, past president of Davis Special Questers Group, past president of Xi Gamma Kappa, past president of Artists League. She is still active in all these organization as well as continuing to find time to express her inner beauty in her own artwork.

The organization’s official headquarters is in the just re-opened Our Towne Conference and Visitor Center in Fairfield Bay. For more information about the NCAFA&E, call Lea at (501) 940-7493 or (501) 884-6288 or e-mail