Some adjectives used to describe this year’s inductee into the 2014 Arkansas State Fair Hall of Fame were enthusiastic, passionate, dependable, dedicated, energetic, determined, courageous, lively and charismatic.

Van Buren County’s own Corrine Weatherly was the chosen one for this year’s Arkansas State Fair Hall of Fame at the Annual Arkansas State Fair Managers Association meeting at the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs on Jan. 19. Though other Van Buren County Fair Association members knew about the award, Weatherly had no idea she would be honored at the banquet.

"I wish you could have seen the look on her face when Corrine realized she was the person being given the award," said Alice Chambers, Van Buren County Fair Association president.

Weatherly has been involved in county fairs since she was 7 years old. In 1974 she moved to Arkansas and continued with the Van Buren County Fair. The fair manager for several years, she has overseen a tremendous growth in attendance, programs, events, exhibits, youth involvement and family fun. She has developed, organized and directed the pageants, youth talent contest, Farmer for a Day, Cookie Jar auction and much more.

The fair manager is involved in every aspect of the fair. It’s a year-round volunteer job. She works full time at her business, Sew What Sewing, and full time organizing, planning, going to meetings for the fair – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

"Unless you have been there, you can’t imagine how much work there is to do at the fairgrounds. If there are leaks, painting, cleaning to do, Corrine will be there," said Chambers.

Weatherly also serves as the secretary on the North Central District Fair Board and travels to Melbourne, Batesville and other district locations for meetings.

Only one person per year is inducted into the Arkansas State Fair Hall of Fame and the county fair association believes no one deserves it more than Weatherly.