Carole Evans is retiring after teaching and working with children for 40 years.

She taught for 19 years at Shirley and has been at Clinton for 21 years. She worked as a K-6 reading specialist for most of her educational career, but also spent time teaching first-, second-, and third-grade classes. Evans has taught three generations of children.

She spent most of her childhood in Searcy and attended school there for fifth- through 12th-grade. After high school, she attended UCA where she received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Evans is a widow. Her mother is currently living in Indian Rock Village and her sister is living in Mississippi. Her father passed away. She has two children, a daughter and son, and she has one grandson.

Evans favorite moments as a teacher were when she would begin working with a child on something they were struggling with and was then she able to see the "light bulb" come on when they finally understood.

Asked if she had a special cherished memory, she talked about a fourth-grade boy who had a low reading level. She quickly discovered that he was interested in airplanes. At the time, her husband was training to be a pilot, so he gave her magazines about planes and she began to teach the young boy how to read with them. This helped increase the boy’s reading level immensely, and later, he even became an honor graduate.

The year Evans began teaching, 1972, was the first year women teachers were not required to wear dresses. They were allowed to wear pants suits. They did have to have to dress professionally.

Evans enjoys seeing her former students and loves for them to come up to her and ask if she remembers them. She wants all of the children she has taught to always remember that she never put more on them than they could handle, that she will always be there for them and loves them all.

Carole Evans is a kind-hearted, loving, and caring woman who is beautiful on the inside and out. She has touched the lives of numerous children and will always be remembered.