Eleven local area students participated in the 2013 MASH camp at Ozark Health from June 10-21. The MASH program is a collaborative effort, involving the participation of dozens of Ozark Health employees, medical staff, and local businesses. Students learn, in a protected environment, of all the exciting elements in the different areas of health care. This year, students were also taken on a one-day field trip to UAMS where they participated in a high-tech skills and simulation lab.

Many students, upon completion of the MASH program, find themselves one step closer to a life-long profession. As an added benefit, it is believed that professionals take a more personal interest in customer care when they are serving the community in which they live. Economically, it helps the community to fill job openings with local professionals. Several current Ozark Health employees found their start in the MASH program.

Ozark Health was honored for its MASH program during the last annual Farm Bureau Membership Banquet. Farm Bureau is the main sponsor of the MASH program. This year, the MASH graduation ceremony was attended by the three presidents of the Farm Bureau Boards representing the three counties from where the students attended.