Highway 110

The tornado Wednesday really messed up a lot of homes out on Highway 110. Nancy and Wayne Smith got extensive damage to their home. Bob Bagley’s was severely damaged along with Stella Huie’s roof, Donald and Edna Bramlett’s barn, house roof and garage roof, the Ramey’s roof and porch, the DeRose’s house and roof, David Griffin’s home, Tom Prout’s porch and roof damage, and the new and old Foursquare Church. That’s just to name a few! Lots of trees down and power lines. Please continue to help your neighbors.

Sorry I missed putting any news in the past few weeks, but I was blessed by a wonderful visit from my daughter and two grandchildren, in visiting from Maryland. What a joy to see them.

Nancy Smith was also blessed to have her granddaughter Taylor Emberton in for a visit.

The Highway 110 Community extends our deepest sympathy to John and Ruth Crabtree in the loss of his mom Mary Lea Crabtree. Please remember them in your prayers.

We welcome back Ronnie and Charlotte Curtis from their extended vacation! So glad to see you both back and in good health!

Stella Huie returned before the storm from a wonderful vacation with her daughter Annabelle Rose in Greenwood, Ark. Glad to have you back Stella, we really missed you.

The Highway 110 Volunteer Fire Department is accepting donations for its annual yard sale. Contact Linda at 745-4359, Deb at 745-5214 or Barb at745-2273 for donation pickup or delivery information. Don’t forget the fire department has its meetings the first Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. at the firehouse.

Plant Community Crafters for Christ meeting will be held April 20 at the home of Wendy Williams on Elba Road. Special guest Gretchen Parent will be demonstrating the art of Pysanky eggs! Come and join us!

Plant Baptist Church had a wonderful turnout for the wild game fellowship in March. A great amount of wild game was consumed that night and the display of mounts were just amazing.

The last Saturday night in March, Plant Baptist also hosted a singing featuring the Kings Highway Band. It was a great evening with desserts served after the singing.

Congratulations to Amanda and James Holley on the birth of their second child, Hunter. Big brother Shane will be excited to have a playmate.

If you have Highway 110 news to share call Debby Prout at 745-7950.


April is National volunteer month. With the recent storms and the devastating damage done in our county from tornadoes this couldn’t be a better time to remember those men and women in our community for their care and dedication to our residents in need. Van Buren county has several groups and organizations that are run solely by volunteers and fulfill a wide variety of needs and services to people in the community. No matter what organization or group you choose to become a part of I encourage you to be of service. There is nothing more empowering than helping someone in need or fulfilling a need for the community in which you live.

If you live in the Dennard area and have news, call Jackie Sikes at 253-4716.


This has been a busy week at Scotland. Lots of people have been to Little Rock to the doctors. Then, of course, we all know about the terrible storms that came through our area. We had a lot of damage and were without power several days. We still need to count our many blessings and be thankful it was not as devastating as the last storm and that no lives were lost.

We had a lot going on last weekend and had a good turnout for all the different events.

On April 20 there will be a basketball tournament at the Scotland Gym starting at 11 a.m. Anyone interest in signing up to be on a team should call Starla Mackey at 253-3884 or Donald Ramsey at 253-3631. Teams will be boys 6th-9th grades and 10th to adults, and girls, 6th-9th grades and 10th to adults.

Any one with Scotland news call James Burns at 592-3935.


By Thelma Murray

Nancy Grittman of Hot Springs visited her sister Brandy and Tom Kimmons, her nieces and great-niece and nephew over the weekend.

Tim and Elaine DeWild, daughter Amber Brafford and grandchildren Layla Armstrong and Reid Brafford went to Branson over the weekend.

Carolyn Tobey, Randy Napier and Maxine Haley all went to Mountain View on Saturday night to see Wayne Hackett perform at the Hoe Down.

The Shirley Centenniel Museum is in need of a curio cabinet. We need one to display the beautiful glassware that has been donated. To make donations call 253-2115.