By Thelma Murray

Charlie and Janet Moore of Oregon arrived Saturday to spend a week visiting her mother, Dorthy Cates, and other relatives in this area.

Betty McCollum of Heber Springs and her sister Bonnie Tatom of Fairfield Bay attended church at Shady Grove. Thelma Murray joined them for a trip to Weaver Cemetery and on to Clinton for lunch and a wonderful visit.

We had visitors to go on all three walks Saturday that were hosted by the Shirley Museum. The walks were from the museum down River Road to the train bridge.

Linda Watts spent a week in Mackey, Ind., visiting her sister Darlene Harris.

Danny and Linda Watts’ son, Edward, is planning to get married on April 20.

Inez Privitt and Darla and Jed Privitt visited Inez’s aunt, Corinne George of Little Rock. Corinne George is Jed’s great-great-aunt.

According to Inez Privitt’s records and pictures, the Shirley Homecoming got off to a good start in 1967. So this will be 46 years and they just keep getting bigger and better.

May 4 from 8 a.m. until noon will be the Shirley Clean-up. This is for city residents only. So don’t forget to take advantage of it.

Thelma Murray visited Pearl Mahaney, Lucille Sitton and Kenneth Ragsdale at the Ozark Health Nursing Center on Tuesday.


The Dennard Fire Department has announced that its annual Potluck Supper will be held on Saturday, May 4, beginning at 6 p.m. Mark your calendars, bring a dish to share, join the fellowship, and make a donation to your local volunteer fire department. Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday evening.

April 21–27 is Administrative Professional week. Remember to show appreciation to your office staff for all their help in keeping your business running smoothly. "The deepest principle in human nature is craving to be appreciated" - William James, philosopher.

Jaycie Housley has recently been given the new nickname of "Hop Along." Jaycie is recovering from a leg injury and we hope she is doing better soon.

The first Bugs Bunny cartoon was aired on April 30, 1938. Though he’s no cartoon character, he does fill my life with laughter and love. Happy birthday to my husband, Sean Sikes.

If you live in the Dennard area and have news, call Jackie Sikes 253-4716.


Who would have thought we would have frost this late in April? I hope it did not ruin the gardens and fruit trees.

There is still a lot of cleanup that needs to be done from tornado damage. We have lost so many trees we can almost see Clinton from Scotland.

The winners of the 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament held on Saturday were: Aron Biggs, Bryan Biggs and Calab Haines.

The Art and Frame Center in Clinton will be closing when school is out and Joyce will be moving her art studio to Scotland sometime during the summer.

Anyone with Scotland News can call James Burns at 592-3935.

Barrens Community

Our cast iron bell that was used to summon schoolchildren and alert the community of fires or emergencies back in the early 1900s is gone from the old Schoolhouse. Sheriff Scott Bradley said he would make some phone calls and look around for the antique bell that he suspects may have been sold to be melted down. If you have any information about our treasured community relic, please call the sheriff’s office at 745-3838.