By Thelma Murray

Wanda and Paul Poyner went on a trip to celebrate their fifth anniversary. They went to Eureka Springs and the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, Mo.

Carolyn Ussery of Conway spent two days visiting her mother Dorthy Hooten.

Sue Irvy of Conway, her daughter Tracy and Tracy’s two sons visited Lois and Paul Compton Saturday. Sue is Paul’s niece.

Kathy Berry of Houston, Texas, spent two weeks at her home here visiting friends and family. Kathy is Lois Compton’s niece.

Joshua Gentry of Midland, Texas, visited his grandparents Freda and Earnie Sowell.

Jack Towery is continuing to recover from his bypass surgery.

Jim Ragsdale has been here spending time at the family home.

The people in Shirley had wind damage to trees Monday night.

Bruce and Alicia Blair and sons Keith and Ethan and Keith’s friend Jena Johnson attended the graduation of Alicia’s niece, Tori Van Horn, at Monticello Thursday night.

Brenda Brown had hip replacement surgery Wednesday. She came through surgery and is doing great.

Highway 110

Well, things up here on the hill are wet and soggy from all the rain. Really enjoying having a spring this year!

Please remember to add all the folks out in Oklahoma to your prayer list. The tornados and storms are just devastating. God help them.

Congratulations on the wedding of David Lowrance and Nancy Matheson on May 25.

The Highway 110 Volunteer Fire Department has been busy in its efforts with the Firewise project on the cemetery cleanup at Half Moon and Plant. Remember the next meeting will be held at 7 p.m. June 6. All in the community are welcome to come and share your ideas.

Friday and Saturday, May 31 and June 1, will be the days of the Highway 110 road-long yard sale. Lots of places will be having yard sales.

Plant Baptist Vacation Bible School will be June 10-14 from 6-8:30 p.m. studying the Life of Christ. Tons of great activities, drama, music, crafts, story time, snacks. All ages of children are welcome. It will be a great experience for all. Contact me with questions.

It has been a wonderful show of support and help at Stella Huie’s effort to get her house torn down so that rebuilding may get started soon. While this may seem like a major task, we know that through the grace of God, all things are possible. If you are interested in helping out in any avenue, contact Brother David Williams. God Bless all the workers.

As Memorial Day passes, don’t forget all the fallen soldiers and first responders who have given their lives for our freedom and safety.

If you have any Highway 110 news to share call Debby Prout at 745-7950.