Bonita Worthing helped her oldest daughter, Jerrie Lynn Bonds of Clinton, celebrate her 50th birthday. Bonita’s youngest brother, Dickie Beckham of Heber Springs, celebrated his 60th birthday.

Visiting Barbara Carroll recently were Charlie and Anabel Hackett of Kokoma, Ind., and their daughters, Fran Jurries of Ypsilanti, Mich., and Monica Sullivan of Phoenix, Ariz. Also visiting were Charlene Troy and sons Garrett and Ryne of Ozark, Mo., Sandra Powers of Fairfield Bay and her granddaughters Jaycee and Jayden Morgan of Kokomo, Ind.

Kenneth and Ilene Bass of Clinton visited Joan Allen Saturday night.

Jimmy and Thelma Murray visited Jewell Kocher of Fox and her niece, Joellen Ohumukini, who is spending a few days with Jewell.

Margaret Earnhart took her dad, Watson Smith, to Hot Springs Wednesday, where he spent two nights with his daughter Joan Verble. His son, Gale Smith of Hot Springs Village took him to Camp Couchdale to attend the retired agri teachers reunion. Watson belongs to the Twenty Year Club. He was recognized for being the oldest one there.

Jack Tower is up and going strong.

Pam Murray went to the Cardinals game in St Louis Monday night.

Jimmy Murray is doing better.


Saw Halloween decorations in a store yesterday and got to thinking about the coming winter weather. 16 West follows the high ground across the plateau. This usually means more snow and ice than in the valley and Clinton. So more blockages on the hard roads and bottoms dropping out on dirt roads. We make some trade-offs to live in this part of the Natural State. We think it’s worth it.

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Dorothy (from The Wizard of Oz) is right, there’s no place like home. I and several neighbors are recently home from vacations and while vacations are great there’s still nothing like sleeping in your own bed and a home-cooked meal. I had a nice vacation, really enjoyed the road trip with my daughter Jessica and granddaughter Hayley but I’m happy to be home safe and sound.

The Nunley family enjoyed visiting with one another at their recent reunion this last Thursday. The family met at the home of Joann Nunley Banks in Clinton. Cousins that attended the event were, Miller Fendley of Osage City, Kanasas, along with her oldest daughter Barbara of Florida and granddaughter Trinity. They were also visiting another daughter, Janelle of Marshall. Other cousins in attendance were Don Nunley of Choctaw, Marion Nunley Neldon of Clinton, Wilma Nunley Miller of Harmony Mountain and Bonnye Nunley Davis of Dennard.

In other news, Dennard residents are sure pleased with the recent rains and the lightning shows have been pretty spectacular. Complaining about the humidity is "truly fruitless," as one neighbor informed me. This is Arkansas, it could and has been worse. After some discussion concerning our weather we came to the conclusion that the best way to withstand a humid day is to get yourself a nice glass of ice tea, ice water or an ice cold lemonade, sit under a shade tree and just enjoy the last few days of summer.

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