By Thelma Murray

Becky Burgess spent a week visiting Floyd and Esther Turney of St. Joseph, Mich.

Dorthy Cates visited her cousin Lucille Bradford of the Eglantine community last Sunday afternoon.

Joan Verble and daughters Ashton and Kelsey of Hot Springs visited Watson Smith over the weekend and had a yard sale.

Charlie and Anabel Hackett of Kokomo, Ind., have retired and are moving to Shirley. They will be living with his mother, Barbara Carroll. Their daughter, Fran Jurries of Ypsilanti, Mich., is here visiting.

My report on Pearl Mahaney of the Ozark Health Nursing Center is that she is doing real well. She will be 103 on Oct. 31, so it’s time to start sending her birthday cards.

Inez Privitt and Darla and Jed Privitt visited Reba Williams of Conway on Sunday.

Visiting Margaret Findley over the weekend were Rolf and Janice Odegarde of Platte City, Mo., Lissia Findley and a friend, Dennis Green of Springfield, Mo., Rane Murray of Conway and Alan Rein of Whitewater, Wis., and Danilyn and John Cintron and children Noah and Presley of Fairfield Bay, and Steven and Belinda Murray.

Charles Bell and Billy Bell of Corona, Calif., are here visiting cousins Tommy and Margie Beckham, Bonita Worthing and Shirley Bradford. Charles, Tommy, Billy and Shirley made a trip to Jonesboro Saturday to visit their aunt, Freda Roberson.

After the first of December, the Shirley museum will be open only by appointment.


Leon Martin says it’ll be a good year for deer hunting if the numbers he’s seen is a sign. Also a bad year for his peach tree as the squirrels made off with most of the fruit.

Verl Jackson says, "Folks say all the acorns this year means a cold winter, but all my nut trees are loaded, even the hickory nuts are big. I think it was just the wonderful weather we’ve had."

Dennis Berry says the old-timers are saying more snow this winter due to the spoon shaped seed pattern in persimmons cut in half.

Farrell Lemmings of North Carolina comes to the Foursquare Church to speak on Sunday.

The Already EH Club holds a supper and bingo Oct 26. Included is a costume contest for kids and adults. Call Liz Alvord for more info at 745-5603.

If you have info about the Greater Crabtree and 16 West community call Jeff Burgess at 745-1249.


Saturday was a beautiful day and was perfect for the Masonic Lodge to have its annual fish fry for the community. The attendance was great, the lodge had plenty of fish and the ladies in the community brought lots of desserts.

The Scotland Baptist Church had its 140th anniversary (last week) and celebrated with a large potluck, good fellowship and a good crowd.

The Felton Family Reunion had a large crowd and it is so nice to see these year after year. These are the kind of gatherings the make families stay close together in heart and mind.

Call James Burns at 592-3935 with any Scotland news.


No matter the season we have one Dennard resident on Highway 254 that decorates the front of their property for every holiday. The trees are haunted with ghosts, a witch is casting her spell, jack o lanterns glow, a scarecrow stands at the ready and at night if you listen carefully you’ll hear the howl of coyotes near by. I have talked to several Dennard residents who look forward to seeing what kind of decorations will be out on Hwy 254 as we drive back and forth to town. Thank you for making us smile.

Call Jackie Sikes at 253-4716 with your Dennard news.