The volunteer fire department meets Thursday at 7 p.m. For more info call 745-7729.

A pie auction is being held March 22, 5:30 p.m., at the Foursquare Church. Game night for adults and kids follows. The Back To School Bash and church camp benefit. Everyone’s invited.

Also at the church, the special sing-along service with Kings Highway has been rescheduled for April 6, 6 p.m. All are invited.

Charlotte Berry says her husband Dennis may know what he’s talking about after she took a fall on the ice due to not wearing the ice grippers he had bought for her. "Fortunately," she said, "the only thing hurt was my pride." She agreed with Dennis that the ground does feel harder than it use to.

And, by request, the centerline safety reflector count now stands at 52 left after the most recent winter weather event. There were originally 1,200 over the 8 1/2 mile section of newly resurfaced 16 West. Rumor has it there is a "just-for-fun" pool on how many reflectors will remain at the end of winter. With the early spring bulbs now blooming everyone hopes it’s over. But one old-timer said that after the Spring Peepers are heard the first time (reported here 2 weeks ago) we can expect 2 more returns to winter weather. We’ve only had one!

If you have info about the greater Crabtree and 16 West community call Jeff Burgess, 745-1249.


Wow! It is wonderful to see the sun and to be able to say "It is going to be in the 50’s or 60’s this week." Spring, gardens, slow rains and warm temperatures. I think we are all ready to enjoy this time of year.

We had a nice turnout for our First Saturday Breakfast and it will only be a couple of weeks until we can plan the one in April.

I think everyone knows we had some frozen water pipes and a lot of damage to the floors in the cafeteria. We hope to have some work days soon to help move all of the tables and get ready to replace the tile. It will be nice to get everything repaired and nice and clean. We hope we will have a lot of volunteers come to help when we need them.

Anyone with Scotland news can call James Burns at 592-3935.


By Patsy Ward

Sorry to hear that Janelle Bartlett has been in the hospital the last few days, but the good news is she is at home now. Hope you are feeling better soon, Janelle.

Erica Ward is also having some health problems, and is spending some time in the hospital. Get well prayers are going up for both of them.

Sue and Mike Stamper from Manchester, Tenn., are visiting family and friends.

Gail and John Forsythe had company this week, her great nieces Jayla and Kaitlin, and great nephew Carson, spent some time with them while their parents, Mandy and Josh Cody were out of town on a business trip.

Patsy Ward had cataract surgery on Thursday and had to go back on Friday for a follow-up appointment. Everything looks brighter this morning.

Dee Story has returned home from Rocky Mount, Va., where she has been visiting her son, David Story and his family. She reported a good trip.

I suppose everyone has been enjoying this cold and icy weather as much as I have, but looks like we might be getting into spring soon. That will be great!

If anyone has any news for Austin and Formosa area, please call me at 745-5922.


These past few weeks have been tough on folks in Dennard. This last storm left several motorists on the side of the road, one accident on Highway 65 tore down a residents rock wall yet again, but fortunately the motorist was not seriously injured. We’ve had structures collapse and are recovering from slips and falls on the ice. The sun has finally melted the ice and snow and left its us muddy paths and roads to tread upon. But the sun has also brought us the promise of spring.

While St. Patrick’s Day is not a legal holiday in the United States many still celebrate and adhere to the custom of "wearing the green." So don’t forget to wear your green on the 17th.

The Zoo Church in Dennard will have its grand opening for their coffee shop, The He-Brew Cafe, on Thursday, March 20, at noon.

If you live in the Dennard area and have news call Jackie Sikes, 253-4716.


By Thelma Murray

Jerel and Kathleen Brown visited over the weekend with their children and grandchildren in Bryant. Jerel and son Jeremy and daughter Sharon all had birthdays in February. Now we know what was the best birthday presents that Kathleen ever gave Jerel.

Twenty-three people have joined the exercise group.

Dorthy Cates and son Danny went to Conway Saturday to see Danny’s grandson Dalton Wood play ball.

Sunday afternoon Dorthy Cates and Thelma Murray raised a garden while we were on the phone watching it sleet.

Jim Hooten of Vilonia spent the weekend with his mother Dorthy Hooten.

Paul Compton’s sister, Ruth Compton Kelly, passed away. She was buried at Big Flat. She was the widow of Buster Kelly. Ruth had been living in Atlanta, Ga., with relatives. Lois has been sick the past week, so Billy and Becky Burgess went with Paul to his sister’s graveside service.

Jack Towery is staying warm while he watches it snow.

James Little visited his mother, Joy George of Clinton, this weekend. Joy is still in pretty good health.

Armon Hensley went to Little Rock last week and got two more shots in his back; he thinks they are helping.

Doyle Edwards enjoyed receiving many phone calls Sunday on his 81st birthday. His children will come later when it’s warmer to help him celebrate.

After we turn 80 we should celebrate for six months and then start celebrating the next birthday for the next six months. Life could be a celebration, never too early and never too late to get a birthday card.