The drug addiction treatment organization Teen Challenge presents this Sunday’s service, 10:45 a.m., at The Foursquare Church. The presenters will be available for discussion at a potluck that follows.

At the church in July is the always popular community cookout and homemade ice cream social. Mmmmm good! Dates to be announced.

The first cutting of hay in the area is almost complete. Frequent rains made it touch and go at times but the harvest was bountiful. Dennis Berry says if the rains keep coming the second cutting will also be productive.

If you have info about the greater Crabtree and 16 West community call Jeff Burgess, 745-1249.


On Sunday night Nell O’Neal hosted her annual Christian Fellowship Dinner. There were lots of people and lots of food and the weather co-operated, the wind came up slightly and the rain stayed away and it was very comfortable. Another great time Nell.

Lots of birthdays, vacations and family reunions this time of year so everyone is having cookouts, camp-outs and trying out new recipes. This is how we all get to try new things, eat a lot, get fatter and have a great time and visit, visit, visit.

There is a new map in the works and this will cover the whole county. For instance, there will be a map of Scotland and a listing of the things to do in our area. Each place mentioned will have a number and that number will appear on the map. Joyce has a business and is not non-profit so she will purchase a small add to have her business listed on the map. She wants anyone that is coming to Scotland to visit, to know how to find her. Call Trish at the Chamber of Commerce, 745-6500, and find out more about this and get your business or non-profit organization on the map. Visitors will want to know what is happening at the same time each year, they will also want to know about things to do and also about the churches in the area. The map will be printed shortly after the first part of July.

Anyone that has left dishes at the cafeteria needs to check and see if they are still there. We have some that have been there for a long time.

Have a great week.

Call James Burns, 592-3935, with Scotland news.


Tom and Gay Whillock hosted a barbecue over the weekend at their home. Their out-of-town guests were Susan, Kenny, Jessie and Bailey Lipe of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Sally and Wayne Conduff of Bentonville, Arkansas.


By Thelma Murray

Raphael and Wilma Allen of Fox visited Joan Allen on Saturday. They had been to the Lute Mountain Cemetery.

Tim and Elaine Dewild spent last Thursday and Friday in Hot Springs.

Clif Hutchins of Jacksonville brought the message at Shady Grove on Father’s Day.

Lois Overturff’s granddaughter Amber Pepper and her sons Chase and Brennen of Fox visited Lois Saturday.

Imogene Reynolds of Conway visited Lois Overturff and Jean Goodnight on Monday.

Jimmy Murray had a heart ablation on Tuesday, and it was a success. He is doing real good now. We both feel better. Sherman and Hazel Murray drove us to Little Rock on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.