By Thelma Murray

Watson Smith will be celebrating his 100th birthday at noon Saturday, March 9, at the Shirley Community Center. All friends, relatives and former students are welcome. His address is P.O. Box 45, Shirley AR 72153.

The Shirley Centennial Museum will be open in March on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. To schedule an appointment to visit any other time for groups or individuals, call 253-2115.

Dorothy Hooten celebated her 87th birthday on Feb. 18 at her home. All her children were present, Carolyn and Joey Ussery of Greenbrier, Jimmy Hooten of Vilonia, Ted and Brenda Hooten of Searcy and Wanda and Paul Poynor of Shirley.

Wanda and Paul Poynor visited his daughter in Russellville last Monday and went shopping in Clarksville.

Elaine and Tim Dewild recenty attended the funeral of her uncle, Julian Eoff, in Springdale, Ark.

Leroy Meyers of Bishop, Calif., visited his sister-in-law Dorthy Cates while he was here attending his mother’s funeral. Leroy was raised on Sally Flat, northwest of Shirley.

The Highway 110 Home Extension Club met Tuesday at Shady Grove Church. Seven members and one visitor were present. Several members were absent because of sickness and bad weather.

Barbara Carroll visited her mother Pearl Mahaney at the nursing home in Clinton last Monday.

Jerel Brown celebrated his 62nd birthday last week. His son Jeremy and granddaughter Laya and Holland of Bryant, Ark., came for the occasion.

Jimmy and Thelma Murray had their 51st anniversary on Feb. 24.

Steven and Belinda Murray became grandparents to Presley Faith Cintron on Jan. 24. She has an older brother, Noah. Parents are Danilyn and Josh.


We had a record crowd for our First Saturday Breakfast and we heard there were several that did not come in because we had the parking lot full. Remember there is parking on the lower side of the cafeteria near the old gym. County Judge Rodger Hooper was our guest speaker and he explained about the new company that is coming to Clinton and also told about the projects that are planed for the county roads. It is wonderful to have some new things coming to our town that will bring new jobs.

Scotland’s Masonic Lodge 380 had a very large crowd Saturday, for their School of Instruction. The program was conducted by Past Grandmaster Gene Warren.

Remember the SAFE fire meetings. Regular meeting is the second Thursday of the month and training is the fourth Thursday. Remember if you have not paid your fire dues they are due and payable now.

This is a good time to mention the gas cans from the fire trucks. Someone went into the fire station and removed them and when the trucks got to a fire there was not any gas to start the pumps. These cans are very important and expensive and they need to be returned. Whoever took them can leave them by the door at the fire station.

I am sure all of you know Sam Black. He plants his potatoes early every year but, he said he has not planted anything yet because he does not have enough life jackets to keep them afloat. That is all right Sam, we really did need all of the rain.

Anyone with Scotland news can call James Burns at 592-3935. Have a great week.


LeeAnn and Joel Housley and my husband and I had visitors from out of town this last week. Lindsey Housley and a friend from Fayetteville visited with their family as well as my daughter Jessica and granddaughter Hayley Drye were up from Benton. The two families actually had some time together getting to know one another and enjoying a brief glimpse of spring.

Bambi and about 31 of his friends have been hanging out in the Venable’s pasture. I’m not sure what the big attraction is, but that has got to be a record deer sighting for Midget Road.

David Sikes reported that there was an over two-hour delay on Rocky Hill road caused by a mishap with some phone lines by our road department. Traffic both ways was blocked while the road department and the phone company worked together repairing some underground phone lines and installing a culvert on what is locally known as Johnson Hill.

Many residents got to witness firsthand the downpour of hail we had this last week. My grandmother used to tell me that hail was frozen angel tears. She also told me thunder was the angels bowling and if I ate the crust on my bread my hair would stay curly. The idea of frozen angel tears is sort of sad, I like the idea of angels bowling but I could never figure out the crust deal. What I want to know is, if that’s all that it took to make my hair stay curly then why did she make me suffer with those hard plastic curlers all the time? (You ladies know what I’m talking about, don’t you?) Do you eat the crust of your bread? If so how are those curls doing?

My last thought for you this week is, was Grandma right when she told me that if I ate green vegetables I’d be smart?

If you live in the Dennard area and have news call, Jackie Sikes at 253-4716.