Zachary T. Sellers announces that after "several months of thought and prayer" he has decided to become a candidate for the Arkansas House District 68 seat.

"I have dedicated my education, my career, and life to the prosperity of my fellow citizens, state, and my country," Sellers said.

"I grew up in Dover, graduating from Dover High School in 2008 and graduated from Arkansas Tech University with degrees in History and Political Science in 2012. I am a member of the First Baptist Church of Dover and faithful believer of Jesus Christ," Sellers said.

Arkansas House District 68 is currently held by the Robert Dale who term ends in December 2014 due to term limits.

"I believe I am the best citizen to fill this post," said Sellers. "I have sensed a great need in our community for the young generation to take on the political challenges and responsibilities for a long time.

I’ve applied myself in my studies, worked for several political leaders, and above all sought to understand the hopes and dreams of my all fellow citizens with express purpose of being the best representative the people deserve," he said.

"I am Zachary T. Sellers, and I want to be your next representative for Arkansas House District 68," he said.