Jackie Sikes announces her candidacy for the District 8 seat on the Van Buren County Quorum Court.

"Two years ago I asked for your support and vote. I’m asking for your support and vote again as I announce my intentions to run for justice of the Peace, District 8," Sikes said.

"I have not wavered in my dedication to my community. As the chairperson and market manager for the Dirty Farmers Community Market and the Greater Good cafe, I listened to what was wanted and needed in our community and have been accountable to all who have stood beside me to make the market a success," Sikes said. "I will continue to live by my conservative values and strive for a better life for us all.

"I believe in the people in this county and will do my best to help move our community forward as the marketing and publicity chairman for the We Love VBC initiative. The vision still includes serving my community on the Quorum Court and with your support and your vote the vision will continue. Thank you for your time and your consideration."