Oh Christmas Tree

Looking at the Christmas tree…With its lights so bright

Laden down with ornaments… Of red-gold-silver and white.

Some are of other colors…Some reflections of glittering show

But all bring back memories…Of Christmas’s - and folks we loved so.

When I look at the Christmas tree…I tend to go down memory lane

Remembering our children’s laughter… As they hung each candy cane.

Then going back further … My mothers face I see

As her favorite part of Christmas… ‘Was her Christmas tree.

Now the years have turned pages…And Christmas’s have come and gone

Our grands, helped decorate our tree too…Now its great - grands and how time has flown.

Still there’s echoes of laughter…As each ornament is hung

And memories of each Christmas is sweeter than…Each carol sung.

Oh Christmas Tree you are a symbol…Of our families past

And each year you add a memory…As our family increases fast.

Mintie Lue Butler…11-29-2012

Merry Christmastime

red, blue, yellow, green

strings of lights hang on houses

Merry Christmas

soft touch of snowflakes

sticking to the windowpane

fireplace all aglow

sparrow in barn loft

roosting on a bale of hay

sheep in the meadow

*shepherds in the field

near the town of Bethlehem

the night Christ was born

our Lord––the reason

why bright lights hang on houses

red, blue, yellow, green

*(Re: King James Holy Bible, Luke 2: 7&8)

Freeda Baker Nichols