A few members of a Fairfield Bay hiking group took on the Goat Trail, featuring high cliffs and bluffs, at Buffalo National Park recently.

The group’s next outings will include a bike tour of the Little Rock Historic District in mid-April and a canoe float of the lower Buffalo River in May. There will be a short scenic hike within Fairfield Bay as a part of the Bloomin in the Bay event April 27 beginning at 1 p.m.

The Bloomin in the Bay hike is a short walk designed to accommodate kids and the elderly. The hike begins at he flower gardens in Ed Lehman Park south along Dave Creek Parkway to Chelsea Court then cuts up behind the tennis courts and back into the end of Chelsea Drive. Then the hikers will go down Hyde Parkway to the intersection with Richwood Drive, then up Richwood to a preserved/protected "Glade" where a member of the Master Gardeners will give an interpretive hike through this Glade.