Paige Miller with Arkansas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners and the Arkansas Petroleum Council spoke recently with Shirley Elementary students about the oil and gas industry and employment opportunities within the field.

She told students that currently America’s oil and natural gas industry supports 9.2 million American jobs.

There are more than 22,000 total jobs supported by Fayetteville Shale project alone, Miller said. Arkansas ranks eighth in natural gas production among states and 17th among oil producing states, she said.

In addition students discussed the different methods that energy is used such as transportation, heating and cooling, cooking, and lighting.

Miller talked with students about the different types of jobs within the industry and the importance of studying in school and developing the ability to work well with others.

Throughout the school year Shirley Elementary students have been encouraged to seek opportunities to find new interests and set goals in order to achieve success not only in school but in their future careers. If you would like to educate students about your career and the steps taken to achieve your goals, contact the Elementary Counselor’s office at (501) 723-4905 to present during the 2013-2014 school year.