Are you looking for a way to volunteer that makes a real difference in people’s lives? You could become a reading tutor for an adult who needs to learn to read or to read better.

The Van Buren County Literacy Council trains volunteers to help people with reading skills needed for applications, jobs, reading the newspaper or medical information, reading to children at home, and much more. The only requirement to be a tutor is to attend a one-day training and have one or two hours a week to volunteer. All teacher’s manuals, books, and workbooks are free to students and tutors. The Council’s classroom is in Clinton at the Van Buren County Career Center (old hospital building). Tutoring is also done at the Fairfield Bay Library and other locations across the county for the convenience of the students.

Almost 2,000 people in Van Buren County need help with basic literacy. There are many reasons why some adults lack reading skills. One is a history of medical problems. Alice Chambers, the new Fairfield Bay Library director, told the story of her grandfather who got spinal meningitis when he was in third grade. After struggling with the disease for five years, he was ready to go back to school. However, the school wanted to put him back in the fourth grade. He was so embarrassed to be in fourth grade at that age that he quit school. Chambers and her family taught him to read later in his life.

A new training class will be held in April. Won’t you join us? The Van Buren County Literacy Council is growing with new students every week. Call 253-1873 for more information.