The 2012 Fairfield Bay Urban Deer Hunt season came to an end on Jan. 31, and the toll was 292 deer harvested and checked with the police department.

The Clinton Meat Processing reports that the facility received 135 donated deer resulting in 5,072 pounds of meat for four different feeding agencies. Hunters Feeding the Hungry pays for the processing of these donated deer with funds received mostly from hunters.

Fairfield Bay was one of seven cities hosting urban archery deer hunts in 2012. More than 320 hunters received permits to participate in this season’s hunt in Fairfield Bay. Some hunters killed no deer, but others harvested a dozen or more. There is no limit to the number of deer that a hunter can kill in an urban deer hunt.

Overall the 2012 season progressed smoothly. However, Fairfield Bay did have a few problems: cameras, stands, and feeders were stolen from hunters; some conflicts arose between hunters and residents; and some stands were hung without the hunter’s name and phone numbers.

All stands and equipment should be removed as of Jan. 31. You may report stands remaining after the deadline to Mark Harbour at or call (501) 551-1858.