National Volunteer Week is April 6-13 and Van Buren County is fortunate to have many volunteers working on behalf of others.

Among those volunteer organizations is the Ozark Health Auxiliary, a group that works at the hospital raising money for equipment and assisting patients. These volunteers can be found working every weekday in almost every corner of the hospital, but their compassion for the patients is clear on clinic days.

A recent chemotherapy clinic saw 91 patients come through Ozark Health’s door for treatment. One of those patients, Frank Zanoff of Fairfield Bay, came to Ozark Health for chemotherapy for the same reason many begin going there, because it is more convenient than traveling to Little Rock. Zanoff did state that he is, "treated very nice," during his visits to the clinic but it was almost difficult to get a straight statement from him with all the clowning around between himself and auxiliary volunteer Carl Wylie.

An auxiliary member’s job, as they see it, is to assist patients in any way they can, whether it be physically or emotionally. Each has his own particular way of contributing to this cause. Wylie is a joker. He keeps everyone smiling and laughing in the one place you would think people would be the most depressed. He also consults with the patients, making sure they know exactly what is going on at all times. Wylie knows what the patients need because he was at one time a patient himself. Carl began receiving treatment at Ozark Health five years ago and was the first patient from the clinic to be declared cancer free. "My ministry," he says, "is to make one person smile every day."

For more information about the Ozark Health Auxiliary contact Kristi King at 745-9523.