By Adam Holt

Ozark Health Marketing Coordinator

Many stories are labeled as stories of human triumph, but most of them sound about the same. "Good for them," we often think, and their story mixes with the hundreds of others we have heard about. But, once in a great while a truly amazing story comes along.

This is the account of Dana Bibles and how she arrived in Ozark Health’s Physical Therapy department….

Bibles was born and raised in Leslie, Ark. She saved her money and went to bookkeeping and secretary school in Memphis where she met her husband, a sailor stationed in Millington, Tenn. Soon after their marriage they moved to San Diego and eventually found their way back to Arkansas. They owned a small farm on Highway 9 where they raised emus. Eventually Bibles sold the farm but she still remains there and retains the same work ethic. Having a very large yard it would take Bibles and her late husband several days to get it all mowed. These days, Bibles takes care of all the yard work herself.

On a mild evening on April 23, Bibles finished up her routine yard work and began was putting away the equipment when she tripped on the weed-eater. She landed on her left side, breaking her shoulder and turning her foot, which quickly went numb. Alone and in pain, Bibles gathered her wits and slowly crawled toward the highway where she attempted to flag down passing vehicles. Having no luck she realized that nightfall would soon be upon her and she again began the agonizing 1 ½ hour crawl back toward the barn where she first fell. She made her way to an old strip of carpet toward the back of the barn and covered herself as best she could.

During the long night Bibles had plenty of time to think. She remembered that the exterminator had rescheduled an earlier visit to tend to her property late that afternoon. A full 24 hours since her fall, the exterminator arrived at her home and found Bibles. She told him to call 911 and tell them to request Air Evac to take her to St. Vincent Medical Center. An X-ray revealed that she had broken her shoulder in three places. Doctors told her that she should have passed out from the pain.

Bibles had to have a rod inserted and a complete hip replacement. After a week-long stay at St. Vincent, Bibles came to Ozark Health for physical therapy. She made outstanding progress on her hip and was released in May, but will continue to receive therapy for her shoulder.

Bibles was pleased with the care she received at Ozark Health, and when asked if there was anyone in particular she wanted to praise, she named Environmental Services Manager Martha Eades who brought her ice cream every day.

Dana Bibles story of will and determination is a tale of human triumph.