Jan. 30, 1914

A subscription to the Van Buren County Democrat cost $1 per year, “paid in advance.”

The lead story was of a father and two daughters whose home was just north of Scotland. All three had died, days apart, due to typhoid fever. The man did not seek treatment for himself or his family, the article disclosed, due to his religious beliefs.

Jan. 7, 1944

Various reports, short letters, from Van Buren County residents who were away from home as part of the war effort.

One man, Ray Clutts, wrote in from the west coast, where he was working at a Kaiser Shipyard. The shipbuilding activity had a lot of people in the area, and you wound up waiting in line for everything, he said. Those waiting in line extended no courtesy to anyone, be they man, woman or child, he reported.

He said he missed home.

(In a “times gone by” of the time, the recollection of 20 years prior were listed - including the sale of nine bales of cotton, the seller able to drive home “in a new flivver.”)

Jan. 7, 2004

A deputy named John Willoughby - who has gone on to be the Chief of Police for Clinton - wrecked a sheriff’s patrol car after running into deer crossing Highway 16 during a heavy fog.

Willoughby recalls the event: “I almost made it. I came up on them and it looked like I was going to clear them all when one turned and ran into me. It cut a tire and that was that.”

He remembers the fog, as was reported, being very heavy.