This past Saturday a yard sale was held in downtown Shirley, part of the ongoing effort to raise funds for buildings the city purchased last year.

The buildings, years ago at the hub of Shirley activity, have fallen into disrepair. The main one - seen in the end in the pictures - is the former Shirley bank building. The city only recently was able to begin the process of cleaning debris and shoring up the structure.

Mayor Lisa Hackett, who organized the yard sale, said $80 was raised. That wasn’t, she said, the best part of the sale, after all it being just old goods sold for a few cents or maybe a dollar or two here and there. No, she said, the best part was people coming downtown, visiting with friends and stopping to chat in the shadow of the old buildings, the old barbershop or dry goods store, as it might have been many years ago as wagon loads of goods left Shirley to support surrounding communities.

“That old time feeling of people meeting with people,” Hackett said, “it was very nice.”