“Charity,” now there’s a word.

It was certainly charity in play last Sunday, Sept. 10, as the annual “Dirty Bowl” took place at the Clinton football fields.

The bowl is a charity event, granted, a flag-football game with the interest of raising money to help “provide food for area elderly.” The Dirty Farmers Community Market first launched this event has part of its ongoing efforts to deliver foods, such as baked bread and locally-sourced vegetables, to the area’s seniors.

So sure, it worked. Modern Woodmen sponsored the event with donation matching. With $2,963 raised and the Woodman matching the first $2,500, $5,463 was raised for the provision charity.

But it wasn’t all charity. The two teams, Clinton Bushwackers v. Fairfield Bay Bass weren’t exactly playing charitable, both going hard on the field. Bushwackers took Bass, 66-42.