Our second annual Redneck Games Oct. 13-14 went very well. Hundreds of people from all over the U.S. and world attended. It is truly a one-of-a-kind event because it is solely a family friendly, alcohol free event, with some sort of partnership with non-profits. This year, it was the Choctaw Food Bank, so parking was free with a non-perishable food item or small donation. About 450 pounds of food was collected and $600 in donations were at the gate.

A doctor from Brazil, currently working in Little Rock, and his son won medals in the three-man Sling Shot Event. We also had exchange college students from Germany and Mexico at the event as well as a few families from France, who are engineers for Falcon Jet in Little Rock.

We had two different film crews show up from out of state. One was from Los Angeles. They are with the Discovery and Animal Planet Channels, shooting places and events across the state to make a pilot reality show (unrelated to us, they just needed some scenes). The other filmmaker was a young man from Albuquerque for the Travel Channel. We had our own professional cameraman from Maryland to film for the upcoming second annual DVD.

I was also interviewed by an Associated Press reporter days before the event and the story was picked up by newspapers from New York to Los Angeles.

Visitors left with a good, positive impression of what a Redneck can be in these modern times. Sure, there are still the extreme case stereotypes, but all in all, I saw only a few at our event that wanted to act to that standard. For updates, more information and photos from the games, visit www.redneckgamesofarkansas.com.