Why can’t we just drink hot chocolate? Chocolate is good! I will take whatever you can give me. I love you Santa. I want a rake so I can rake my garden, a shobel, a red rusty tractor and I want a horse and a barnyard. I really want a goat. But I really need my two front teeth. And that is all. Thanks!

Kyiwann Smith

Amy Owen’s Kindergarten class, Cowsert Elementary

Dear santa,

I have been vere good I woolike to hav clam that has a prl and a music box with a balarena and a mak up set and the monstr hive grls. I luv you santa

Your frenb,

Clair Elisabeth Gann

Melinda Bane’s First-grade class, Shirley Schools

Dear Santa,

You aor my faforet. I want a lot and lots of presents. I don’t care what kind they are. I just hope they’ll be for girls because I like girly toys. I love you very much!

Melanie McCoy

Brandy Mooney’s Kindergarten class, Cowsert Elementary