If you are like me, you are ready for spring time gardening. This week could be our last real cold weather.

Do you have plants ready to set out in your garden when the weather settles down?

I’ve been reading about Neonics, a patented systemic pesticide. The plants that have the systemic pesticides produce blossoms the same as organic plants. But the blossoms of plants that have been treated with the systemic pesticides, produce poison in their nectar and pollen which kills bees and bugs. The systemic pesticide is left in the soil by the roots of the affected plant. Next year’s crop picks up the poison from the soil and continues to kill bees and bugs.

Most farmers are using Neonics. Many garden centers and nurseries are using them. I don’t know how long they stay in the soil.

If you plan to buy garden seeds or plants be sure you are getting Certified Organic ones. Otherwise, you may introduce Neonics into your family when you serve food from your garden. I don’t know how long the systemic pesticides have been used. Lots of birds have starved for lack of bugs to eat. The treated plants poison our bees. It seems to me that I have fewer bees each year. Last year, I bought a few plants, one was strawberries. Their early flowers of course attracted bees. I would not deliberately poison them. For more information about systemic pesticides, check the Internet. I read about Neonics in my last Mother Earth Magazine, February/March 2014.

My grow lights produced beautiful greens all winter. They proved to be a good investment. I enjoy having fresh greens here in the house too.

Get all your garden planted before June.

Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you sow. By Robert Lewis Stevenson.

When you see people and they have a need, offer a helping hand not a handout.