Spring Break 2017 has come and gone. Neighbors traveled to far away lands like the beach or the Rocky Mountains. I sure enjoyed seeing pictures of everyone’s travels and hearing about the great memories they made. My Spring Break started with a trip to Mountain View with my daughter Jenni to do a little shopping, have some lunch (which in itself isn’t a big thing unless your the mother of six and they were all somewhere else for the entire day) and we went to Celtic in the Caverns at Blanchard Springs. Musical events in the caverns is sponsored by their Chamber of Commerce and is well worth the small price they charge and the trip. We got goosebumps at the end of the concert when behind us, in the dimly lit cavern, we heard the soulful sound of the bagpipes as they played a closing number and we were escorted to the elevators. What an incredible and memorable way to start off spring break. The next few days were spent visiting my youngest daughter and granddaughter in Benton. While Jessica was at work this Grandma got some quality spoiling time in with plenty of cuddles, giggles and of course playing Barbies. My daughter surprised us one afternoon and took us to see the new Disney Beauty and the Beast movie,which by the way is my all time favorite Disney movie and they did a great job with this rendition, a must see for the family.

Joel and LeeAnn Housley have had a very trying week. Dean Housley is at ICU in Little Rock and they are still missing their little dog Punkin. Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers and if you see their little dog please call them at, 501-412-6181.

If you live in the Dennard area and have news, events or a part of our history that you would like to share, call, text email, grandmayogi7@yahoo.com or message me on my Dennard news Facebook page, 501-253-4716 or 501-757-2750.