Foggy mornings make for happy deer and a feast for the eyes that gaze upon the many wispy spider webs that glisten with the morning dew. The trees are once again a glorious green as fruit trees bud with the promise of sweet fruit. Oh glorious, glorious spring!

Van Buren county road crews are busy working and friends and family are busy planning vacations and weekend get-a ways.

Clinton High School’s recent performance of “Singing in the Rain” couldn’t have been more appropriate for this time of year. The whole April showers thing you know. The performances, the props and special effects were as enjoyable to watch as the anticipation for the May flowers that soon will be in bloom. We may be a small town school, but our students and staff put on a big town performance that would rival any Broadway show! We just get better and better every year. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard on this years production.

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