It was early 1998 and Pistole Gun & Pawn was still just a dream in Danny Pistole’s head. He had found himself always liking the idea of opening a pawnshop ever since he had owned a barber shop next door to pawnshop in Oklahoma back in the mid 80’s. The Pistole family had moved back to live and work some family land back in 1988 and over the better part of a decade through patience and hard work Danny opened his owned barber shop in 1995 with a video store to follow the next year. So back to early 1998 Danny finds himself in position to begin his new business with his first pawn customer. Their first client was a gentleman in need of $1,000 and a car as collateral. Danny having $500 he could put in called his son Jeff for the other $500 and a partnership was born. The early years were hard with a lot of the family working for free but they were able to grow that first loan slowly over time into Pistole Gun & Pawn.

While the first barber shop located in the small building just south of Doublebee’s on Highway 65 B had suited their needs with a new pawn shop, the need for space would become evident quickly so when their current location became available they took the opportunity. The log cabin built back in 1978 as a display model would work for their immediate requirements but with the barber shop where the display room is now the need to expand came quickly. In 2002 they added on a new section to house the barber shop and it would remain as such until it’s closing the beginning of 2017. Now with pawn store expanding to utilize that space they are losing the barber shop aspect but making the necessary changes to better serve their pawn clients.

Pistole Gun & Pawn is open Tuesday through Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. with a large selection of new and used guns ranging from Ruger to Glock, a wide assortment of tools, movies, precious metals, and gas powered equipment one is sure to find something they need. Pistole’s is a collateral based lender with no credit check. They offer a layaway program with 10 percent down and 10 percent a month after that with no interest. You can visit Pistole Gun and Pawn at 892 Highway 65B or learn more about them at