What do dance recitals and ball tournaments have in common? These are activities that our children and grandchildren participate in and where we found ourselves for a good part of this last week. I sure enjoy watching my grandchildren participate in all the extra curricular activities that they have going on. I only wish that I could be in two places at once and not miss any of the events that our many grandchildren participate in. I’m certainly grateful for social media and photographs where we can share those missed events.

The weather has been picture perfect and many neighbors and friends are enjoying the outdoors and the many things there are to do in our county. I took my grandsons to the park and to the movies last week and we had a blast meeting up with friends at the park and seeing more friends at the movies that night. I love summer!

If you live in the Dennard area and have a summer event you would like to share, news, or a part of our history that you would like to share, call, text or email, grandmayogi7@yahoo.com or message me on my Dennard News Facebook page, 501-253-4716.