Reports TakenIncident Reports- 4Accidents- 2

Non-reportable CallsCalls For Service- 15Property Checks/extra Patrols- 34Motorist Assists- 3ATM/Bank Escorts- 2Other Agency Assists- 2Funeral Escorts- 2Alarm- 2Warnings Issued - 15

Citations IssuedSpeeding- 15Driving On Suspended Dl- 0Fail To Register- 0Poss Drug Para- 0Poss Cont Subst-0No Proof Of Insurance- 3Fail To Obey Tcd- 0Defective Equipment- 0Impeding The Flow Of Traffic- 0No Vehicle License-0Dwi-0Refusal Breath Test-0Criminal Trespass-0Public Intox-1Careless And Prohibited Driving-1

Total Citations Issued- 20