Joshua Allen Colton, pled guilty Monday to Sexual Assault Second Degree, Monday, June 19, and was assigned 20 years in prison by Judge H.G. Foster during a pretrial hearing in Van Buren County courthouse.

Colton, a Fairfield Bay resident at the time of his August 19, 2016 arrest, was originally charged with rape of a minor who was under 16 and not able to consent. Due to the nature of the offense and the age of the victim, she was only referred to by her initials during the proceedings, and court documentation as to specifics of the case are sealed. The charge was reduced to Sexual Assault Second Degree leading up to Colton entering a guilty plea through his public defender.

As part of his sentencing, Foster mandated he have no contact with the minor, who he shared a house with at the time of the assault where he had a, what the judge classified as “a trust position.” Colton was due to begin a jury trial the next day, June 20, prior to his entering a guilty plea to a lesser charge of Sexual Assault Second Degree.

During sentencing Colton was credited with the 304 days he had already spent in Van Buren County jail where he had been held under a $250,000 bond. After release he will need to pay back over $800 in fines and court costs at $50 a month, per Foster’s ruling. He remains held at Van Buren County jail prior to his release to state prison to serve the remainder of his term.