Last Wednesday, June 14, Clinton Water and Sewer Department undertook a long-delayed project of re-lining the sewer line in the grocery center parking lot in Clinton.

Water and Sewer Department head Dickie Hink explained: In a job booked to take 24 hours, start to finish, 350 feet of plastic piper were joined on the surface, then run through the existing metal sewer pipe under the lot. Access was gained through a manhole. Working this way the existing pipe - several decades old and suffering some rusted-out areas - was able to be repaired without digging up the center’s parking lot and creating interruptions for the business’s there.

Clinton Water and Sewer Department staff were on hand, with the specialized work of joining the plastic pipe carried on by a crew from M. Phillips Construction from outside Fort Smith, Ark. The Phillips crew had the expertise to operate the pipe-joining equipment and were contracted for this job.

The project, budgeted for $100,000, was recently authorized by the Clinton City Council, and is one of several projects underway or planned to improve or repair the city’s water and sewer infrastructure.