Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas, including Petit Jean Electric, has announced its 2017 Home Makeover Contest, the tenth annual of this event. This year the co-op offers offers electric cooperative members with an opportunity to win LED kits - resulting in energy savings for winners.

The Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas and General Electric are partnering for the “Great Lighting Edition” of the annual contest for 2017. Ten winners will be selected for each of Arkansas’ 17 electric cooperatives.

According to Bret Curry, manager of residential energy marketing for the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas, contest winners will receive a residential lighting kit that includes up to 58 GE energy-efficient LED lamps, which is enough to retrofit most homes. Each kit will include general purpose LEDs for use with lamps and light fixtures. Also, included are LEDs for use with indoor recessed can lights, outdoor flood lights and decorative candelabras.

“Winners of these kits have the potential to reduce their home’s’ lighting-wattage requirement by up to approximately 3,000 watts, or 80 percent, when they exchange existing incandescent bulbs with the GE LEDs,” Curry said. “The LED prizes will enable the state’s 17 electric cooperatives to educate members about the great energy efficiency savings provided by this lighting solution.”

LEDs require a fraction of the power to emit the same number of lumens as incandescent bulbs and have an estimated life expectancy of approximately 17 years, he said.

“Another important feature of LEDs is that they emit far less heat, which is beneficial in the summer and lowers the cost for air conditioning,” Curry said. “What’s the last thing you want in your home on a hot summer day? More heat! LEDs help reduce unwanted summer heat through their efficient operation.”

Winners will be randomly selected from official tear-out entry form/ business reply cards are included in the June issue of Arkansas Living magazine and are available at local electric cooperative offices. The entry forms/ business reply cards will be available in the cooperative magazine’s July edition, as well. You can also enter at www.ecahomemakeover.com. The deadline for entries is July 15 with winners announced by Aug. 4. A list of the winners will be available on the contest website and through social media.